Wedding Day Stationery & Signage

Your wedding stationery shouldn't stop at your invitations. Stationery and signage for the big day itself plays an integral part in not only making your day cohesive and beautiful, but helping to make sure your day runs as seamlessly as possible.

There's a bit more flexibility with producing wedding day stationery, as each couple's needs vary greatly! If you choose to order wedding day stationery with Dwynwen, they'll usually be designed to match your original invitation suite, using the same fonts and aesthetic. Not sure what stationery you might need? Read on below to learn more about the items we feel will make the biggest contribution to both aesthetic and running of your wedding day.



Your Ceremony

Order of Service
An Order of Service is particularly useful for religious ceremonies, as they're heavier on content that your guests need to be able to follow. It's worth thinking about this earlier than your other wedding day items, as you'll likely need to have the contents signed off with your place of worship.

We offer various forms of Order of Service. For ceremonies with lots of content, I would advise a booklet. For simpler civil ceremonies, a double sided card may be sufficient.

Reserved Seat Signage
To ease the flow of guests into your ceremony (and thus ensuring everyone is seated promptly!), a way of reserving the number of seats required for immediate members of the wedding party is so important. This makes sure there'll be empty seats waiting for those walking down the aisle.

These could be flat prints to place on the seats, or can look lovely as large tags, threaded with ribbon, to hang over the top of each chair.

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Large Signage

Welcome Sign
Not an essential, but let's be honest - it looks so lovely! Our standard signage sizes are A1 and A2, however these can be custom sized if you have particular requirements. They can also be die-cut if a contemporary shape (such as an arch) is more your style.

Table Plan
Your guests will rely on a clear table plan to be able to find their seats quickly. This can be displayed with names listed per table, or alternatively names listed alphabetically (which I love - it's so easy to read as a guest!)

Again, standard sizes for these are A1 or A2. In most cases I would recommend A1 as you want guests to be able to read it from a small distance. However, these can be custom sized if you have particular requirements.

Looking to save on budget? Consider having your welcome sign and table plan printed back-to-back.

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Small Signage

Bar Menus, Cake Menus & Guestbook Signs
Perhaps you're planning a bespoke cocktail menu, or setting up a trendy gin bar or whisky station. Does your wedding cake have different flavours for your guests to choose from?

Perhaps you want to help guests locate your guestbook and/or card box. Or you have a QR code for guests to scan to upload photographs they've taken of your special day.

Small signage can serve a whole range of purposes.

Our smaller signage can be printed on solid foamex, (same as our larger signs) or printed on regular card at a lower cost (ideal for putting in a frame, perhaps.)

For Your Tables

Table Names/Numbers
These help your guests find the correct table. Your venue and caterer will want everyone seated as quickly as possible, so make these clear. These are usually printed double sided to offer flexibility in how you display them.

Menu Cards & Place Cards
Wedding menus aren't essential, as in most cases your guests will have made their choices when they RSVP'd - but they can be a stylish addition to the place settings, helping the table feel more polished, and will photograph beautifully.

Place cards are important so that guests can identify their assigned seat - especially if they have dietary requirements and your caterers expect them in a particular seat. If you're not having assigned seating, then you won't need these.

My favourite way of presenting place cards are with silk ribbon, or attached to menus with a modern teardrop clip. Alternatively though, guest names can be printed directly onto your menus for a 2-in-1 menu/place card combination.

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